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A Solution to simplify
cubicle curtain management

Document policy compliance. Promote a cleaner environment.
Contribute to patient and staff safety. Lower your operational costs.

Document Compliance

In today’s environment of ever-increasing focus on infection control and reduction of Hospital Associated Infection, effective policies and practices are essential. Cubicle curtains are present in patient care areas throughout the facility, requiring good practices as to their cleanliness and control.

CubeControl® documents compliance with facility policy regarding frequency of curtain change, for internal or outside regulatory review and audit. It tracks and documents individual curtain history.

The quality assurance benefit of CubeControl® lies in its ability to provide this documentation as to enforcement and administration of that change policy.

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Increase Efficiency & Lower Costs

On an operational level, CubeControl® provides curtain-specific instructions daily as to what curtain changes are due. Each location has a maximum number of days allowed before change is required.

The management benefit of CubeControl® lies in its ease of use and its efficiencies. Reports inform staff of curtain change responsibilities without need of daily management direction.

CubeControl® can also reduce processing cost by avoiding unnecessary changes. Schedules are adjusted for any unscheduled curtain changes that were required before due date.

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How It Works

CubeControl® is flexible, fitting the circumstances and logistics of your system and facility.

Each curtain in your system is added to your database, with an identifying, unique barcode. This can be accomplished conveniently before or concurrent with implementation.

The CubeControl® App installs easily and is supported with assistance from the team at Standard Textile. We provide User Manual and friendly Help Desk support.

With your database built, the App installed, and staff trained, you are ready to take control of your inventory.

CubeControl® management reports are generated easily at the touch of a button.

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